Mission Statement

K. Alexander Creative Consulting was created to support small and medium sized businesses with the creative solutions they need to compete and grow in this digital age. Our agency provides affordable services to help businesses develop and execute creative ideas,  marketing campaigns and other essential support services for any business operating in the hyper-functional digital age. 

Vision Statement

To be a trusted advisor to the local business community providing the highest quality digital and business development services.  

Our Clients

Services Offered


Does your website need a boost in visibility.  The team at K. Alexander Creative has the digital solutions you need to be competitive in this digital space.


Build and establish your online presence with our custom Web Development Services. We will build a responsive site that feels like you or your industry!

Is your small business looking to scale? The experts at K. Alexander have extensive experience with business development and automation. Get connected with us today to explore our business development options.
Are you struggling to solidify your businesses brand? Contract with K. Alexander to kick start your brands campaign! Our team of highly skilled designers are eager to bring your project to life.

K. Alexanders SEO Process

Step 1

Keyword Research

Whether your business needs affordable local SEO or more wide ranging SEO services, K. Alexander Creative will help you find the best keyword opportunities necessary for your business.

Step 2

On Site Optimization

Proper on-site SEO helps search engines understand what a human would see and the potential value that page may add to their search query.

Step 4

Content Creation

Our team of marketing experts create accurate, fresh, and valuable content through website pages and blog articles. It helps businesses target recommended keywords and deliver up-to-date information.

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